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Available Products

  • Bumper and Trim Dressing
    An advanced cream dressing that produces a high gloss and wash-off resistant finish. Easily applied to trim, bumpers, vinyl and plastic. Long lasting, wash after wash.
  • Ultimate Water Spot Remover
    Removes water, mineral deposits, rust stains, tree sap, paint overspray, sap film and mildew from glass and chrome. May be used on windshields, chrome, stainless steel, tile porcelain and many hard surfaces.  

  • Premium Wash and Wax
    Highly dilutable, producing large amounts of copious suds that last wash after wash, leaves vehicles clean and streak free; will not harm previously waxed or sealed finishes and rinses freely. Very effective and very economic.
  • Premium Pink Carnauba Wax
    A high tech, user friendly cream wax formulated with the latest scientifically engineered polymers and waxes. Can be used as a one step, on lightly oxidized finishes or as a second step on aged paint that has been pre-cleaned.

“All the products I ever used were outrageously priced, or, to be completely honest, just plain junk. I knew I could do better. And after years of research, I know I have”

– Doug